SELMA 25.3.2022

The two-masted steel expedition yacht, over 20 m long, equipped with everything that is necessary to ensure safe navigation, even in extremely difficult conditions. Spacious, yet simple and easy to handle, so that her crew is fully self-sufficient on voyages to the most remote corners of the world. That is SELMA.

They call themselves “SELMA expeditions” but their sailings are nothing like vacations with hostesses serving drinks on the deck of the yacht anchored between romantic islands with palm trees. Peter, Tomasz, Dariusz, Krzysztof, Markéta and Henryk definitely do not keep to the beaten track. They are adventurers heart and soul. They are explorers. And they don’t enjoy heat much. They like exploring unusual and scarcely visited places. Sailing is their passion and Selma helps them fulfil their dreams at world’s seas and oceans. And during all these adventures they can rely on the LANEX Yachting ropes, which were tested in the most extreme conditions of Arctic climate thanks to Selma’s crew. The D-Race and Dynestorm ropes did an amazing job there.

Sailing is not just the about the voyage itself. Every year, the team spends 2-3 months in the shipyard, checking the engine and rigging, renewing the coating, and also modifying and improving Selma. This usually eats up all the crew members’ savings, but only then can they be sure that they will be able to deal with the challenges of the coldest areas of Earth.

Selma became part of history thanks to some successful and extraordinary expeditions she made:

  • In 2008, the crew sailed under the Polish flag and got the furthest beyond the Polish Arctic Circle. Selma reached the latitude of 70° 11‘S.
  • In 2011 Selma became one of the few yachts that managed to explore the extremely difficult and treacherous waters of Weddell Sea.
  • The year 2013 was a year of the voyage to South Georgia.
  • In 2014 – 2015 Selma’s crew was exploring Southern Pacific – Ross Sea in particular.
  • The season of 2016 – 2017 was devoted to Antarctica and South Georgia.
  • By 2021, Selma was sailing on the Atlantic and exploring Antarctica.

By today, Selma has sailed more than 100 000 nautical miles and spent many years on seas and oceans. We wish her more happy thousands of miles, full of exploring new amazing places. “The uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow is an essential part of a true adventure.”

You can see Selma’s current position, accompanied by gripping log book entries and attractive photos here:

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