Yachting lines of LANEX Yachting Ropes are characterized by high quality and a range that is competitive among yachting rope manufacturers in yachting industry all over the world. Ropes in our portfolio are categorized by use on the boat. 

Halyard and Sheet Lines

Halyard and sheets lines made by LANEX  meets high requirements on low elongation, high strength, abrasion resistance and long service life. You can choose from 3 categories according to material requirements and sailor's level.

Racing level

Halyard and sheet lines in racing category was designed for the most demanding conditions on the boat. 

Sport level

Halyard and sheet lines in sport category are designed for maximum performance for a good value.

Cruising level

Halyard and sheet lines in cruising category are designed for cruisers and charter boats. All ropes produced from HIGH TENACITY POLYESTER only, protected against UV and tested directly on the water all over the world.

Dock and Mooring Lines

Dock and Mooring lines of LANEX Yachting Ropes brand are characterized by excellent strength, abrasion resistance and durability.

Universal Lines

Universal lines of LANEX Yachting Ropes brand are designed for various applications on the boat. You can find trimming lines, safety lines  and  lines for many other various application  in our product range.

Special Dinghy Cords

Lines and cords in this section was designed and developed for specific boat classes applications based on sailor´s requirements.

Ready-Made Products

We enjoy to save your time. In the Ready Made Products section you can find ready-made packages of the lines which are cut in required lengths or finished with splices to save your time.

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