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Sailing Team Vojtěch Eliáš 13.12.2021

There is no doubt that Vojta is the right man for the job. He is a lucky man, whose job is also his hobby. After joining Lanex he became not only the product manager of the Lanex Yachting Ropes brand, but also a keen yachtsman.  In the same year he obtained his Captain’s license and set off to sea. 

During the years that followed he met many great yachtsmen and learned the yachting principles, so he could do longer crossings – Australia, America, Europe. Vojta’s best experiences were transporting the racing J 122 boat from Malta to France, Rollex middle sea race, Færderseilasen race (in Norway), Figawi race USA and the Batt race offshore. He also likes Croatian regattas.

Some of Vojta’s favourite specialities include rigging for the boats of class V070, Swan 42, Sea Scape, Pogo and others. He gladly accepts requests for cooperation from fast vessels, like I fly 17 and Nacra 17, or from cutters.

His idols are Karol Jabłoński (the first Polish skipper, competed in prestigious regatta – America’s Cup.) and Skip Novak.

Apart from all the sports associated with ropes or lines Vojta also likes martial arts.

“Sea and yachting became a part of me. I have them deep under my skin and I can’t imagine my life without them. The moments when the sails hoist, the wind sings in the rigging and I'm part of the sea around – that's what I live for. Everything that is before or after that is mere waiting.” Vojtěch Eliáš, Lanex Yachting Product Manager.

Vojtěch Eliáš

Date of birth: July 1981

Natonality: Czech Republic

Beginning of the yachting career: 2010

Job: Product Manager of the Lanex Yachting brand

Discipline: Sailing boats 32 – 42 ft.

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